The world has a surface view of Italy: pizza, pasta, historic cities, beautiful landscapes. It’s like a picture postcard. But the reality is so much more than what you see from afar, and Venice is no exception. In Venice, you feel a magical energy, all thanks to its people. So who better than them to guide you through the city's essence, amidst its canals and local businesses, to find the perfect aperitivo? Let’s dive together into their authentic way of life.

Brought to you with Aperol. Please enjoy responsibly.


One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about Venice are the many gondolas that populate the canals. But have you ever wondered what it’s really like to be a gondolier? Andrea and Benedetta from the Gondoliers Association give us a sneak peek into their world, filled with tradition, innovation and the joyful vibes of Italian aperitivo. From cruising through the winding canals to swapping stories about Venetian life, they share the ins and outs of their job with passion and charm. Now, it's even clearer why every gondola ride is an exciting adventure.


Two other iconic symbols of Venice are undoubtedly Murano glass and Aperol Spritz, and surprisingly they do have something in common. We spoke with Roberto from the Wave Murano Glass factory, who – with his expertise – shared the secrets behind these two Venetian arts. He told us all about the dedication of his crew and their exclusive, special and unique work worldwide – through centuries-old traditions, modern craftsmanship and perfect aperitivo moments.


The floating city is also known for its very tasty culinary culture. But how do fresh products arrive in the city? In gondolas, of course! Elena and Federico are the amazing duo behind the agricultural company Donna Gnora, which navigates the labyrinthine waterways every week to deliver fresh veggies all around the city. Along the way, they love to stop and chat with the people they meet, because it's not just about their job; it's about the connections they foster while doing it. And when the day's work is done, they join fellow Venetians for the cherished aperitivo moment.


Every traveller knows an important rule: to fully explore a city, you've got to dive into its flavours, too. That’s why we asked to Andrea from Terrazza Aperol to guide us through the ritual of the Venetian aperitivo with Aperol Spritz and cicchetti: with each sip, he gives us a taste of Venetian culture, sharing stories and good vibes. As a Venetian would say: it's more than just an aperitivo, it's about enjoying the good vibes with old and new friends.

The locals were our ultimate guides as we journeyed through the enchanting city of Venice, offering us a glimpse into their world. Now, it's your turn to immerse yourself in the city just like a true Venetian, letting Venice's atmosphere, culture and unique charm captivate you. And don't forget to cheer to countless authentic moments by raising an Aperol Spritz while enjoying a traditional aperitivo with cicchetti!

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