The avocado has had its time in the sun in recent years – but the popularity of this aspirational social-media staple looks set to skyrocket further, with London, Madrid and Paris all due to get their own avocado-centric eateries in the near future

The Avocado Show's Amsterdam flagship is awash with plants and pastels

They’re courtesy of The Avocado Show, a hip Dutch micro-chain, which offers a modish menu almost comprehensively featuring avocado – and the group is now eyeing up Europe-wide domination with 19 new locations (expanding on its three existing eateries in Amsterdam and one in Brussels).  

The humble avo might be the most iconic fruit of our era: whether guac-ed, smashed or sliced, its creamy flesh is both a delectable foodstuff and a socio-cultural signifier of millennial decadence. The latter fact is not lost on The Avocado Show, the menu of which is seemingly built as much for Instagram as eating.  

The achingly pretty Avo Garden dish

The restaurant’s offering of so-called 'Pretty Healthy Food' includes everything from avocado fries, brunchy egg dishes and vegan avocado-and-peanut-butter ice cream, to miniature works of art like the Salamango poké bowl, with its structural ring of intricately sliced avo encircling raw salmon, mango and edamame, and the ‘Avo Garden’ –  two avocado halves filled with hummus and spices, and flecked with edible flowers (oft seen on the Avocado Show’s vivid Instagram account, which has almost 150k followers). It’s all served, to boot, in pretty interiors of pastel pinks and greens, their walls covered in lush plant life.

Like the food, The Avocado Show's interiors are made for social media

But there’s substance in with the style too. Founders Ron Simpson and Julien Zaal have long pushed the brand’s, er, green credentials: the majority of their avocados are ethically sourced, and they’ve even made a documentary highlighting the importance of sustainability in their supply chain. 

There’s no set date for the London branch – Madrid, the inaugural newbie, is mooted for an October opening – but a green future is well on its way.  

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