Whenever there’s a bingo night on in Liverpool, you’re sure to find Anne Gandy there – she’s become a local celebrity at ravey events like Bongo’s Bingo, where she has no problem keeping up with the kids. We asked her what makes her hometown such a winner.

“I’m a regular at bingo nights.

My granddaughter took me to Bongo’s Bingo for my 90th birthday a few years ago – imagine a big rave, but with bingo cards, and that's what it is. Now I go all the time, and on my 91st birthday I got on stage to read a poem about growing old. I even danced with a cardboard cut-out of Phillip Schofield.”

“Liverpool’s changed since I was a girl

I was born in 1927 and I’ve lived in Liverpool ever since. I did spend one week in Burscough, an hour up the road, during WWII due to the evacuations, but I got sent home because I had a sore ear. Liverpool has cleaned up since then – the historic Albert Dock has gone from derelict to a tourist attraction, for example.”

“It’s hard to choose a favourite thing to do in Liverpool. 

People come here for the Beatles history, but there’s so much else to see. I love the Philharmonic Hall – a grand concert hall with an eclectic programme. And The Baltic Triangle – where Bongo’s Bingo started – is a bunch of converted warehouses that are now restaurants, bars and concert venues."

“People from Liverpool are the friendliest in the world.

I always feel like a celebrity when I go out to bingo nights because everyone is so welcoming. But I wouldn’t bring up football with a Liverpudlian unless you want to be there all day.”

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