The earliest known reference to fondue – bread dipped in yummy melted cheese, pretty much – is in a 1699 book published in, where else, the Swiss city of Zurich. Culturally clued-up and surprisingly cool, today Zurich remains the best place in the world to try this classic dish. Here's our list of the best spots to dip into. 

Zsg Schiff 

Cruise around picturesque Lake Zurich with the ultimate hot date: a steaming cauldron of bubbling cheese. Romantic, no? The Zsg Schiff cruise also does raclette and fancy wine, to get you in the mood (as if you weren’t already) 

Swiss Chuchi 
Diners eat on the cobbled street outside Swiss Chuchi / Image:

Swiss Chuchi 

Where better to acquaint yourself with the ultimate in comfort food than at Zurich’s most venerable fondue parlour’ in the fairytale-pretty Old Town. Talk about well-aged cheese 


For full-on rustic Alpine vibes mosey up to this hilltop former farm, where you eat in an old, converted stables to find yourself presented a frankly dizzying array of 17 different varieties of fondue. Plenty to get stuck into here. 

Fondue Tram
Fondue by tram across Zurich / Image: VBZ

Fondue Tram

All aboard this cutesy old-fashioned tram that rolls back and forth across the city, taking in all the major sights while happy passengers dip and twirl and scoff contentedly, taking it all in 

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