What do you get when you combine an innovative co-working space and the vibrancy of a hostel with a contemporary hotel? The answer is an alchemical mix of wellbeing, leisure and community that’s turned a Basel bolthole into one of the hottest stays on the scene today.

Meet Hyve: a stylish property in hip Gundeldingen, where guests can sleep, work and hang out in what can only be described as an ultramodern hospitality ecosystem. Okay, we know what you’re thinking – but this is no gimmick. Now in its fourth year of operation, the hotel’s mission is to provide a communal experience, where anyone who wants to socialise with friendly, passionate people in spectacular surroundings can do so. 

Get tucked up inside your own ocean-themed sleep pod for the snooze of your life

It all starts the second you step foot into the lobby, where a designated host greets you by name and helps with your check-in. By now, the noise of lively conversation and espresso machines will have begun to lure you toward the buzzy café and lounge area, were you’ll find everyone from digital nomads to itinerant travellers and young families coming together. Elsewhere, a library, yoga and fitness studios, a massage room and a vegetable garden offer peaceful sanctuaries in which to relax throughout the day.

With work and play covered, it’s time to find your room. Needless to say, there’s no lack of ingenuity here, either. Those travelling on a budget will find affordable bunk beds in Hyve’s hostel-style accommodation, while modern hotel rooms – with king-size beds and en suite bathrooms – and spacious serviced apartments are great for couples and longer stays. Then there’s Hyve’s futuristic Capsule rooms, which offers 10 sleeping capsules across three themed spaces, and are geared up perfectly for parents with restless children to keep entertained.

With complementary Basel Cards offering free use of public transport, round-the-clock self check-in and e-bike rentals, it’s no wonder Hyve has become a honeypot for forward-thinking travellers.

In partnership with Hyve