If you’re a craftsman or woman there’s no better place to be than Madrid. After all, Spain’s capital is home to some of the world’s best museums, art galleries and Baroque churches inspiration is never far away. Naturally it follows that Madrid is packed with shops selling unique souvenirs, like Javier Sanchez Medina’s creative ‘ecological trophies’. 

"The craft scene in the city is truly fantastic"

Located in the trendy Malasaña barrio, the artisan’s eponymous shop sells bull, rhino, reindeer and buffalo heads, made out of natural fibres like bamboo, wicker or rattan.  

If trophy hunting (even a humane version) is not your bag, Javier also makes mirrors with striking starbust frames rom natural fibres. It’s the sort of creative keepsake that’s typical of souvenirs on offer in the city. 

Shopping nirvana

Shopping nirvana
Madrid's lively Malasaña neighbourhood / Image: Joseph Fox

The best thing about Madrid is the opportunities it offers,” Javier explains. If you’re a craftsman like me, there’s no better place to be. Anyone can make it – the craft scene in the city is truly fantastic. 

And visitors seeking souvenirs should look no further than Malasaña, according to Javier. It’s the coolest place because it’s like a small town in the big city,” he says. It’s filled with great coffee shops where you can sit and chat.  

Investigate by yourself. Go to the tourist sights, then get lost in the streets around them to discover the real city. The best phrase to learn before you visit is ‘de Madrid al cielo’. It translates as ‘from Madrid to heaven’, because only heaven is better than Madrid. 


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