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Zoopark Famara Surf School founder and textbook dude Serio Rodman / Image: Tim E White

Surfing’s booming says Serio Rodman, owner of Zoopark Famara Surf School on Lanzarote. Here, he gives us an insider's tips on his favourite things to do, see and eat on this beautifully barren, volcanic rock.

The golden expanse of Famara beach is a surfing mecca / Image: Getty

The island is riding a surfing wave right now. My favourite spots are San Juan and Famara, in the north-west. Book time with a surf instructor on your first day – it’s the best way to meet the locals and learn how to avoid the rocks.

The architecture of César Manrique is Lanzarote's most fascinating / Image: Tim E White

Lanzarote has a special energy. It owes a lot to the architect César Manrique – you can feel his influence everywhere. I love his House Museum in Haria, where he spent his last years. It’s been kept just as he left it.

A view from the upper climes of El Risco / Image: Adobe Stock

There’s also fantastic hiking. Camino de Los Gracioseros leads down the side of El Risco mountain to spectacular Baja el Risco beach. It’s not an easy hike, but worth it for the views.

A superlative paella at Casa Tomas

I love eating at Casa Tomas, where the table and chairs are virtually on the rocks. The views are some of the best on the island – order the fish of the day.

Serio declares Papagayo the island's best beach / Image: Getty

Playa de Papagayo is the best beach on the island – golden sand and turquoise water. Spend the day there, then head up the hill and have black rice paella at Chiringuito.

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