Waiting for your flight in the departures lounge, sitting on the plane, catching the bus from the airport to your hotel, sunbathing on the beach, lounging by the pool. What do all those holiday scenarios have in common? They’re all much better with headphones.

As there are so many points during any trip when headphones are key, it makes sense to equip yourself with a great pair. This is where we introduce you to your new favourite travel companion, plucked from Sennheiser’s MOMENTUM range.

Offering the perfect balance between pristine sound and utter comfort, the MOMENTUM range is all about providing a sophisticated listening experience. The over-ear wireless MOMENTUM 4 boast a mighty 60-hour battery life, a sleek and streamlined design, and a cushioned headband and earpads, ensuring real comfort whether you’re on the train travelling to the airport or relaxing in your hotel room.

For those who prefer in-ear headphones on their travels, the MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 have you covered. Also wireless, these little gems utilise Sennheiser’s TrueResponse transducer – don’t worry too much about how it works, just know that you’ll be getting deep bass, natural mids and detailed highs every time you use them. They’re ideal for when you’re out-and-about on holiday, whether that’s taking a day trip or simply exploring your new favourite city.

It almost goes without saying that both feature adaptive noise cancellation (known as ANC), a blessing if you’re keen to catch up on sleep during your flight.

With all that on offer, it won’t be long before your MOMENTUM headphones become the one thing you can’t travel without.

In partnership with Sennheiser