Street art lovers owe Lisbon authorities a debt of gratitude. In 2008 officials launched an initiative(Galeria de ArteUrbana) to encourage artists to create murals on the streets of the Portuguese capital – turning it into a hotspot for spray-can art. Make a tour of Lisbon’s most eye-catching street murals. 

Village Underground Lisboa  

This creative hipster co-working space modishly comprises a stack of repurposed steel shipping containers, many of which are inspiringly covered from top to bottom in eye-popping daubs by Portuguese-Swiss graffiti artist Akacorleone. Find it at Avenida da Índia, Edifício.

Untitled, by Fairey  & VHILS
Untitled, by Fairey & Vhils / Image: Underdogs 2017, Obey, Shepard Fairey | Vhils, Rua da Senhora da Glória, Lisboa © CML | DMC | DPC | José Vicente 2018 @cm-lisboa

Untitled, by Fairey  & VHILS

High-profile American illustrator Shepard Fairey – he’s the guy behind  the ‘OBEY’  merch – teamed up with local hero  Vhils to  work up  this thoroughly engrossing mixed-media portrait of a  beautiful  woman’s face. Find it at Rua  Senhora da  Glória.

Big Raccoon

Lisbon-born street artist  Bordalo II bolts found pieces of salvaged plastic and old metal junk onto largescale murals for that all-important extra dimension. His building-sized raccoon has become a perennial pet favourite for residents of Belém.  Find it at Rua Bartolomeu Dias.

Corporate Slingshot
Corporate Slingshot / Image: Crono, Os Gémeos | Blu, Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo, Lisboa © CML | DMC | DPC | José Vicente 2016 @cm-lisboa

Corporate Slingshot

In 2010, the Crono Project invited a cadre of street artists to cover derelict buildings with murals all along the Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo. Surviving standouts include a bandana-clad ninja, bravely taking on the scourge of global mega-corporations with only his trusty catapult.

The Blue Wall

The perimeter wall of Júlio de Matos Hospital is splashed all over with murals by both Lisbon-based and visiting street artists – it was first used as a space to explore mental health issues through the medium of art as long ago as 2013.  Find it at Rua das Murtas.

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