Every year countless tourists flock to Pisa to capture their version of the ‘look, I’m holding up a building!’ photo at the Leaning Tower. But did you know that the wonky Tuscan icon isn’t the only column in town? Here’s a run-down of Pisa’s top upright architecture.

The famous one

Pisa’s best-loved listed building needs no introduction. Completed in 1399, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is forever associated with Renaissance genius Galileo Galilee, who dropped some revolutionary new ideas about physics right here.

The one with a view
Pisa's Guelph Tower on the northern bank of the Arno / Image: Adobe Stock

The one with a view

Guelph Tower is an eye-catching, red-brick Italianate edifice overshadowing the Arno River from the northern bank, with a viewing platform for surveying Pisa’s beguiling Old Town and shimmering mountains beyond.

The ancient one

San Nicola – an octagonal campanile (bell tower) attached to a handsome church in the Santa Maria district – is nigh-on 900 years old and actually has its own very slight lean. 

The heavy-set one
The marble Baptistry sits alongside the Leaning Tower / Image: Adobe Stock

The heavy-set one

The grand and stocky-looking Pisa Baptistery is a marble mashup of Romanesque and Gothic design elements, handily situated right by the celebrity tower.


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