Rome is a truly iconic destination, not least because of its many appearances on the silver screen. In the ’60s it was the backdrop to classics by the great Italian director Federico Fellini including and La Dolce Vita, while more recently the Eternal City has starred in books-turned-Hollywood blockbusters Eat Pray Love and Angels & Demons. 

As 2020 marks the 60th anniversary of La Dolce Vita’s release, there’s an especially good reason to visit this city-turned-film set. Here’s how to enjoy Rome as a Fellini fan and film lover. 

Relax in Piazza Navona

Beady-eyed fans of the film Eat Pray Love starring Julia Roberts will recognise the cafés, cobbles and fountains in some parts of the film as Piazza Navona, one of the city’s liveliest squares. Sip morning coffee or afternoon spritzers in the sunshine here to channel the same vibes.

Drink at Harry’s Bar
Scenes from La Dolce Vita were filmed at Harry's Bar / Image: Getty

Drink at Harry’s Bar

Harry’s Bar is heralded as one of the most glamorous bars in the world thanks, in part, to its appearance in La Dolce Vita, and over the decades it’s become a celebrity hotspot. Try and sidle up to Hollywood A-listers while sipping cocktails in its plush interiors. 

Relive a Roman Holiday

Audrey Hepburn fans can follow in the footsteps of the style icon and Hollywood actress on a self-guided walking tour linked to Roman Holiday, the film that helped cement her legendary status. Stroll around some of the city’s most iconic sites (and filming locations) such as the Trevi Fountain, along with lesser-known side streets. 

Explore Cinecittà Studios
The Ancient Rome set at Cinecittà / Image: Andrea Martella

Explore Cinecittà Studios

Film buffs will love wandering around the Cinecittà museum and film set. Exhibitions take you through the story of cinema, while there are a number of huge sets onsite too, including a recreation of ancient times built for the HBO Rome TV series. Fun fact: the band Coldplay have also performed here. 

Soak up the Baths of Caracalla
The ancient Caracalla baths played a nightclub in La Dolce Vita / Image: Alamy

Soak up the Baths of Caracalla

They once functioned as Rome’s second-largest public baths, but today the Baths of Caracalla are often used as a filming location. They featured as a nightclub in La Dolce Vita, but also remain one of the most impressive ancient sites in the city. Access them from Viale delle Terme di Caracalla.

Catch a movie at Casa del Cinema

Hidden away in the lush Villa Borghese, this movie house features no fewer than three swish, red-seated projection rooms and a small exhibition space. During the summer an al fresco outdoor cinema shows a range of classics, from black-and-white Westerns to new releases.


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