Even as the rules around international travel become more clear, the minutiae of what COVID-19 means for holidays can still make your head spin. But we've got some information that might help you make sense of it all:

Can I go on holiday with easyJet again?

What is a 'vaccine passport' and can I fly easyJet with one?

Where can I fly with easyJet? And what is the 'traffic light' system?

All the reasons why it's safe to book flights and holidays with easyJet

Is Italy on the green list?

Italy is currently on the UK government’s ‘amber’ list of countries. 

This means that unvaccinated arrivals from Italy will have to quarantine for 10 days and take a pre-flight test. Then, they’ll need to take a PCR test on day 2 and day 8 of their quarantine, with the option to 'Test and Release' on day 5 to escape isolation early. 

The cost of these tests can vary, but ‘day 2 and 8’ kits generally cost around £70. A list of test kit providers can be found here. If you live in the UK or are travelling from the UK, easyJet can offer discounted access to Covid PCR testing through accredited service providers. 

From 19 July returning travellers who have been fully vaccinated (that is, jabbed twice) skip the quarantine rules, as would happen with a 'green' country.

What do I need to do when I get to Italy?

From 31 August, UK travellers who have been vaccinated – and can present proof of vaccination and a negative rapid antigenic or molecular swab test taken within 48 hours of their arrival – do not need to quarantine when they get to Italy.

Unvaccinated travellers will need to follow the previous rules, under which they must self-isolate for five days on arrival in Italy, and then present a negative test for release. 

Everyone must complete an online passenger locator form before flying (or a paper form if you don’t have access to an electronic device). 

All arrivals in Italy must also call the COVID-19 helpline for the region they are visiting within 48 hours of arriving, to inform them of your visit. 

What can I do in Italy on my holiday? Are museums, shops and restaurants open?

Apart from Sicily, all of Italy is in a COVID-19 ‘white zone’. Visitors must maintain safe social distances (of 1m), avoid crowds and wear masks in indoor public places. In Sicily, masks must be work indoors and out. 

The following venues are now open to the public: 

  • bars, pubs, restaurants, ice cream parlours, pastry shops (with a maximum of six non-cohabiting people sitting together indoors)
  • museums and places of culture
  • cinemas, theatres and concert halls
  • indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • outdoor and indoor sporting events (with reduced capacity)
  • trade fairs
  • fitness and spa centres
  • theme and amusement parks
  • private parties, including those associated with civil and/or religious ceremonies
  • gaming halls and betting shops, bingo halls and casinos
  • Public transport can run with 85% capacity

For more information, visit the Italian National Tourism Agency website

Which Italian destinations should I visit?

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