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Tel Aviv is a whirlwind. It’s a city that never relents, with friendly locals who love a good time. You can go from grazing over delicious mezze to drinking cocktails on a rooftop to partying at a pop-up beach club – and that’s all before sundown. 

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This intoxicating energy – and the persuasive straight-talk of the locals – make Tel Aviv what it is: a shrine to hedonism on the Mediterranean Sea, where eating, drinking and dancing are cherished pursuits. Just go down to Carmel Market – the city’s biggest and busiest shuk (market) – and you’ll see what we mean, Tel Avivans of all stripes bump elbows at the stalls, each gunning to bag the most prized produce.

This food fanaticism translates to some of the best restaurants in the world – from haute tables in the Jaffa Port to dinky hummus huts hidden deep in the shuk. But of course, it’s not all frivolous merriment – there’s a highbrow creative scene too, with world-class institutions (the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Bauhaus Centre, et al) and a clutch of forward-thinking galleries. Add buzzing city beaches plus a nightlife to rival Berlin, and you’ve got yourself one of the most entertaining cities on the globe. 

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