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Grand architecture, steamy bathhouses and hearty cuisine are just some of the reasons to head to the capital of Hungary. The famous Danube river may cut the city down the middle, but this is not a city that does things by halves.

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Take to the bathhouses where you can wallow away your ailments, hangovers included, in the healing waters, just like the Romans and Ottomans did. Or maybe you’d prefer to appreciate the architecture: from art nouveau masterpieces to baroque beauty, and railway stations to arenas, buildings have been designed to impress – and they sure do.

Restaurants range from cheap and cheerful to Michelin-starred, but whatever your budget you’ll sample the best of Hungarian cooking, with plenty of beef stew, dumplings and cream-and-cheese-topped sort-of pizzas. You’ll need a big meal before you head out-out: try the Jewish Quarter where disused warehouses have been converted into vibey drinking dens. The bar-hopping is hard to beat – just like the rest of this most beautiful of eastern cities.