Mykonos sits near the top of the scoreboard when it comes to good-looking Greek islands. Chic cafés and cool bars are one side to this hedonistic hotspot – the other is lovely beaches, ancient ruins and the prettiest alleyways you’ll ever stroll down. Here’s where to direct your attention on a tour of Mykonos's best photo opportunities.

Pose with pelicans 
Roaming pelicans are a Mykonos trademark / Image: Adobe Stock

Pose with pelicans 

Mykonos may be a celeb hotspot, but everyone knows the most famous island residents are the pelicans. Several decades ago Petros the pelican became the island’s official mascot; he’s not around anymore, but a couple of his friends now roam Mykonos Town. 

Shop at #happiness 

Never mind what’s inside –  this shop is such prime Instagram fodder that even a hashtag has made its way into the sign. The combination of white-washed building and blue door makes it the perfect place to pose outside –  even for wedding photos, it seems.

Upload a cocktail at Kalua 

Every day’s a beach party at Kalua, a beach club-cum-restaurant right on the sand at Paraga Beach. Whether you’re relaxing on a day bed or dancing beneath the disco ball, get that cocktail pic on Insta (#sorrynotsorry). 

Snap Insta-worthy doorways 
The doorways of Mykonos deserve medals / Image: Adobe Stock

Snap Insta-worthy doorways 

You know the score in Mykonos Town –  white-washed brick, colourful door, hot pink bougainvillea dangling into the shot. Just add yourself gazing wistfully to the left and watch the likes roll in. 

Visit the windmills at sunset 

Did you even visit Mykonos if you didn’t upload an arty picture of the island’s iconic windmills? There are 16 windmills on the island, but seven are close to Mykonos Town, so head there at sunset to get your orangey-sky money shot. 


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