Bordering the Black Forest, the historic Swabian city of Stuttgart is justly proud of its culinary traditions. And by culinary traditions, we mean cooking and eating shedloads of meat. Here’s the top places to celebrate local carnivore culture in between touring the city’s stately palaces, gardens and museums. After all, when in Stuttgart... 

Carl’s Brauhaus 

No visit to this part of the world would be complete without a currywurst and – for the connoisseurs – local favourite maultaschen. Hats off to Carl for figuring out the latter is even better, somehow, with an extra layer of gooey cheese.  

The Meat Club 
Butchers meets supper club at Stuttgart's Meat Club

The Meat Club 

The first rule of Meat Club is.... eat a whole bunch of meat. You can probably guess the second rule. This upscale butcher sells prime cuts, naturally, and hosts mouthwatering events like ‘professional meat tastings’ for up to 16 guests. 

The Pig Museum

Stuttgart’s Pig Museum goes the whole hog with over 50,000 artefacts and displays exploring every imaginable facet of mankind’s complex and ancient relationship with our delicious porcine bros. 

The Butcher’s Museum 
Bring a strong stomach for the Fleischer Museum outside Stuttgart

The Butcher’s Museum 

If you have an enquiring mind and a strong stomach, the Butcher's Museum a half-hour drive away in Böblingen offers an overview of local tradesmen’s chops, with special emphasis on their historic guilds. 


Still hungry? Gorge yourself silly on mature, pasture-fed sirloin slapped on an 800°C grill and caramelised to sweet dark perfection at this date-night fancy downtown restaurant. We’ll steak our reputation on this place. 

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