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For a many years, Hamburg was rather overshadowed by more obvious weekend breaks in Germany – by Berlin's brutalist hedonism and the Bavarian splendour of Munich and so on. But no more. Hamburg is blooming: this seriously cool port city is full-on fun.

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From opera to rock, Hamburg is home to some of the world’s best music venues. Even if your tastes are more air guitar than orchestra, the glittering Elbphilharmonie music hall – which sits on top of a waterside warehouse – is a must see. Elsewhere, the district of St Pauli is worth a wander for any Beatles fans. The legendary band spent a lot of time gigging in the city before they hit the big time – you can even take a tour of their former hangouts. Even if you're cold to the Fab Four, the area also just happens to be home to one of the world's most progressive football teams. 

Funky restaurants, boutiques and galleries are never far away in Hamburg, but to really revel in the city, head to the hipster neighbourhood of Schanze. And if you prefer open space there’s a lot of that too – from the island of Kaltehofe to city beaches dotted with groups of amiable pals whiling the days away. Double up on the coffee: late nights are the norm here. From chic cocktail bars to sweaty underground clubs, Hamburg will always show you a good time.