Thanks to its pristine glacial water supply and bountiful forests along the Isère Valley, the area around the French city of Grenoble is prime walnut growing territory. Locals are fiercely proud of their wrinkly harvest and like to slice and dice the nuts every which way. Here are five nutty attractions worth flying to Grenoble for. 

In a pastry

Discover why the city of Grenoble is head over heels for these tasty kernels with your first bite of the fresh walnut-infused delicacies on display daily at local landmark Chardon Bleu patisserie.

In a cocktail
Enjoy a punchy Chartreuse cocktail at Le Cartel

In a cocktail

Sup on a heady brew infused with the local cash crop at groovy speakeasy-style drinking den Le Cartel Bar. The speciality is wooze-inducing green Chartreuse, derived from walnuts and still made in the traditional way by monks.

On a salad
Use walnuts to lift a simple salad / Image: Getty

On a salad

Grab a bottle of huile de noix –  walnut oil – at the produce market in the centre of town and drizzle it on your salads when you get home, like you’re some manner of fancy French gourmand. Find it at Place Victor Hugo.

At a festival

Every even-numbered year, just up the road in the small municipality of Vinay, local growers and walnut enthusiasts gather to eat, trade and generally celebrate the nutty bounty that’s been the lynchpin of the local economy since the 11th century. It’s usually held at the end of November.

With fancy food

Restaurant La Ferme à Dédé serves up high-end traditional local grub, with walnut-based salads and desserts, in an agreeably rustic wood-paneled, gingham-tableclothed setting.

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