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Victoria brings a bit of sparkle wherever she goes / Image: David Titlow

As captain of the Bluebell Girl troupe, Victoria and her fellow dancers are bringing the traditional art of cabaret into the modern era. You can catch her shimmying and shaking at the Lido de Paris – a prestigious nightspot on the Champs-Élysées. We asked her where to find the liveliest joints in the City of Lights. 

"The Bluebell Girls were founded in 1932,

by a woman named Margaret Kelly, or 'Miss Bluebell'. They’re part of dance history, as is the Lido. It’s long been the place to be, where the likes of Frank Sinatra would come when they were in town. It has oldtime glamour."

"Paris is a very fast-paced city, 

full of fast-paced people. Visitors can misconstrue that as rudeness, but Parisians are just not the smiliest of people. It takes quite a time to get integrated, so don't take it personally."

"The best way to explore Paris is to get lost.

Hire out a Lime electric scooter for the day – you just download an app and pick up one nearby – and take it through the city's backstreets. Follow your nose and let yourself get lost. The Metro is great too – you can get way off the beaten track on it."

"Paris is best after dark.

There are lots of cabarets in Paris – Manko is more risqué. Aux Trois Mailletz is a restaurant and piano bar where you can dance with the band. It’s open till 5am, which is good if you finish work at 1am."

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Images: David Titlow / Getty Images

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