"I studied in the Puppet Department at Prague’s Academy of Performing Arts. My background was in classical acting, but I was drawn to other theatre styles and found that puppetry is the ideal way to tell all kinds of stories."

The art is thriving as more people take an interest in their country's unique heritage

"I’ve taken puppetry all over Prague, into theatres and deprived neighbourhoods, prisons and geriatric hospitals – anywhere there’s an empty space. You just need one actor, one puppet and one spectator and a story will come alive like magic.

"The Czech Republic has a strong puppetry tradition. Three hundred years ago you’d find puppet groups roaming the country, entertaining villagers to earn their supper. Czech and Slovak puppets are even protected by Unesco – they mean that much."  

The Vltava river shimmering at sundown

"Prague is special because it’s so easy to live in. Not too big, but with enough cultural events and cafés to meet friends and find excitement. I love the historic city centre at night, when the streets have emptied and a solo walk along the Vltava river is spellbinding.  

"The Prague 7 district is my favourite place. You’ll find the huge Stromovka park there, as well as Studio Alta, my favourite alternative dance and theatre centre. Also visit the wonderful old houses and cute streets around Nový Svět, near Prague Castle, where it’s so quiet that time slows down.  

"This city and its people are endlessly inspiring. The very best thing to do is simply observe all the history around you." 


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