Current as of Wednesday 21 July 2021

Rules around travel are subject to change as governments get to grips with the pandemic. Here, we've answered your most pressing questions.

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Should I book a holiday this summer?

The government is being understandably cautious about giving concrete affirmation as to when large-scale travel will be allowed. But with the successful rollout of the vaccine, late summer holidays and beyond are looking more hopeful (though far from certain).

But this guidance means that now is a great time to start thinking about foreign travel again, and even to start booking your dream trips (making sure that you pay attention to sensible policies around cancellation and refunds). In fact, we've compiled a list of all the reasons it's still safe to book flights and holidays with easyJet, so you can do just that with peace of mind.

It’s also really important to check the rules of entry for your destination – just because somewhere is on the UK’s ‘green list’ doesn’t mean they’ll be welcoming British nationals. All of the info can be found via the UK government’s foreign travel advice site.

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Do I need a Covid test to fly with easyJet?

Before you fly – or even book your holiday – you must check whether the destination you are flying to requires that you provide evidence of a negative Covid test before travel or on arrival. In some cases, this may need to be obtained within 72 hours of the flight departure. This may need to be presented in a specific language, before you travel or on arrival. You may also have to fill out specific forms, and quarantine when you arrive at your destination. You can check the policies of each country easyJet flies to here.

If you live in the UK or are travelling from the UK, easyJet can offer discounted access to Covid PCR testing through accredited service providers. These can be taken at home, and sent off to get your results. If you are entering the UK, you must quarantine for 10 days on arrival from an 'amber list' country, and in a managed quarantine facility if you have been in a ‘red list’ country (or otherwise at home) and undertake further testing while in quarantine.

For more information, check out easyJet's comprehensive Covid travel guidance.

What is an easyJet passenger locator form and do I need one?

Some countries are requiring travellers to fill in a 'passenger locator form' before they're allowed entry.

These are country-specific – sometimes you will be given them on your flight, and sometimes you must fill them in before you travel. It is up to the passenger to check what the current protocol for their destination is, and you may be denied entry if you do not follow the right procedure.

You should check country-specific travel information here before you fly.