Savour open spaces at Corralejo Natural Park

National Park of Dunas de Corralejo in Fuerteventura - Things to do Corralejo
Dune not miss Dunas de Corralejo national park / Image: Adobe Stock

Back in the early 80s, when tourism really started to kick off in the Canary Islands, visionary Fuerteventura authorities moved to protect this precious 20-odd square kilometres of prime coastal land from grasping developers. The result is the gorgeous, mostly pristine shifting sand dunes of Corralejo Natural Park. Its long string of beaches on the northeast coast are beloved by watersport fans, while the moody volcanic Red Mountain a little inland attracts keen hikers. Nudism is a kind of a thing here too – it's basically paradise for folks who love life au naturel.

 FV-1a, Corralejo

Get crafty at El Campanario market

El Campanario market in Fuerteventura - Things to do Corralejo
Grab yourself some some handcrafted wares here / Image: @mercadosdelcampanario

With its name meaning ‘belltower’ in English, the El Campanario shopping area is a big draw for tourists looking to grab essentials throughout the week. But for best results, show up on a Thursday or Sunday (9am-2pm) and meet artisans from all around Fuerteventura as they sell their lovingly handcrafted wares. Traditional live music ensures there's always a lively atmosphere, while heavenly scented grub from local food vendors fill their air. You can even go up the belltower and catch the views. 

1 Calle Hibisco, Corralejo

Set sail for Los Lobos

Wooden jetty off the Isla de Lobos in Fuerteventura - Things to do Corralejo
The ideal diving spot / Image: Adobe Stock

Don’t let the name – ‘wolf island’ – put you off. Back in the day, explorers used to call monk seals 'sea wolves', and those muscular critters used to hang out on this dinky island nature reserve a short 2km boat trip off Corralejo. These days apex predators are seldom seen, but visitors, who can stop by for only a few hours at a time, can enjoy 130 mostly unique plant species, countless birds, some of the best diving around and bracing hike up La Caldera volcano, plus the relaxing lagoons at La Lagunitas. This wolf packs a lot in.

Play it cool at La Cremeria

Ice cream at La Cremeria in Fuerteventura - Things to do Corralejo
It's love at La Cremeria

For more than a quarter of a century now, this uber-friendly Corralejo spot has been doling out the sweetest treats to discerning ice cream fiends. Expect to queue on the sunniest days, but what you get is definitely worth the wait, with everything from vanilla cones to elaborate gelato and fantastical, Wonka-esque confections made with Oreo, Bounty, Kinder and Nutella in the mix. For best results, bag a seat on the bench outside and savour the summer vibes. It’s a cool spot, is what we’re saying.

13 Calle Lepanto, Corralejo

Make a splash at Acua Park

Acua Water Park in Fuerteventura - Things to do Corralejo
Yellow, but not so mellow

Talk about an immersive experience. Corralejo’s splashy Acua Water Park has all the mad thrills and spills you crave, with high speed ‘kamikaze’ rides and 100m-long rapids. There’s a lazy river for taking things at a more sedate pace, a giant jacuzzi, rocking wave pool and plenty to keep the kids happy. And most importantly, they’ll be utterly worn out by the end. All that, plus food and drink and eyecatching tropical foliage all guarantee a day out here will never be a damp squib.

41 Avenida Nuestra Senora del Carmen, Corralejo

Call the tunes on Music Square

Every evening at the bottom of the main drag in Corralejo – on Plaza Félix Estévez to be precise – local buskers and assorted novelty acts lay on entertainment for happy folks enjoying an alfresco bite to eat or a cold drink. The standard is quite high – expect an eclectic mix of strummy pop hits and more traditional Spanish sounds, alongside thrilling one-offs like fire jugglers or dance troupes. Contributions are voluntary but always welcome, and if nothing else it’s always joyful watching happy kids or merry grown-ups lose their inhibitions to the beat.

Plaza Félix Estévez, Corralejo

Hang ten at Lajares

Lajares windmill in Fuerteventura - Things to do Corralejo
Take a spin at surfing at Lajares / Image: Adobe Stock

Lajares is widely known as a surfer haven. Except with the (like, totally) bizarre twist that it’s not even on the coast. Situated five minutes inland, and just a short bop from Corralejo proper, it’s sort of a base camp for the nearby beaches, but with its own solid bar and restaurant scene. If you want the skinny on the best wave action, strike up a convo with the gnarly dudes at Fuerte Vida (38 Calle Majanicho) over a cold beer, or vibe along with the laidback grooves of the Wednesday open jam night at Café Canela (Calle Coronel Latherta González).

FV-109, Lajares

Mix with the locals

Cocktails at Mojito in Fuerteventura - Things to do Corralejo
Cocktails on ice are nice at Mojito

Befitting such a sunny island haven, the cocktail scene on Fuerteventura is – how else to put it – strong. Revelling in its plum seaside location, Mojito (5 Urbanizacion Corralejo) does several variations on the classic minty staple, plus funky ice cream-based brews for the adventurous. Bar Bouganville (13 Calle Iglesia) is all about big-hearted quirk with colourful drinks and lots of virgin options if you’re behaving yourself. Inventive EsKina (16 Calle Iglesia) goes all-out on presentation, with top-notch small-plate nibbles. They all deserve a fair shake.

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