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If your dog is the type that has boundless energy, being able to keep an eye on their whereabouts at all times can be a tricky task. Ensuring your furry friend doesn't go awol is the Pawfit 2. This swish high-tech activity tracker uses GPS technology to monitor their location, in addition to other features like voice recall, audio ID, lighting and sound tracking. It can even monitor their calorific intake, all through an easy-to-use smartphone app. Lightweight, durable and, yes, 100% waterproof, the stylish Pawfit 2 collar is a nifty solution that’ll give you the peace of mind that's invaluable to dog owners everywhere. Treat them today with 10 percent off, via code KTQ6W9.

Whether it’s a visit to a zoo, or a ride on a camel or donkey, animals have long featured in our fondest holiday memories. However, the best interests of these creatures – be they wild or domesticated  – is not always the main concern of whoever is running these businesses. As travellers, it’s difficult to know when this is the case – which is why FOUR PAWS, the global animal welfare organisation, has created a helpful travel guide. The aim of Travel Kind is to help us enjoy all the world has to offer, without contributing to the cruel treatment of, what we’re sure you’ll agree, are its most treasured inhabitants.

Trying to clean your pet’s teeth can be an almighty struggle – but it’s so important to persevere. Already by the age of three, 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats show some signs of oral disease, which can cause problems far beyond just bad breath. The trick – according to the experts at Bogar – is to make daily dental care feel like a play session for your pet. And the earlier you start with them, the better. In fact, active teeth cleaning is just one part of Bogar’s solutions, which also includes dental supplements and functional chews. The result? A pet that's healthier, happier and satisfyingly more fragrant.

Whether you’re relocating your household to another country permanently or simply going on holiday and you want your four-legged friend to join you, Pet Transport Services is there to help with its Europe-wide service. PTS’s highly trained, animal-loving staff can ferry your fur baby door-to-door while you fly, or even arrange airport collections if they’re on a flight themselves – whatever suits your needs. And because it uses a fleet of fully licensed, cosy, insulated and temperature-controlled vehicles, you can be sure your dog, cat, rabbit or rodent will enjoy a truly first-class travel experience.

Let’s face it, who can resist buying cute things for their pet? On Puppy Post’s online directory, you’ll find a thoroughly pawsome selection of independent vendors, selling everything from handmade accessories to delectable treats. Every business here has been carefully curated and the site even enables you to meet some of the people behind the brands. It’s all part of a bigger idea to create a thriving online community for likeminded animal lovers. Thus, owners are invited to share stories about their little bundles of fluff, while its Instagram page and a cracking bi-monthly member’s magazine offer tips, tricks and amazing puppy dog tales (or is that tails?).

There are various factors that come into play when deciding on the right food for your pet. There’s their age and their size to consider, for example, and also their lifestyle. How active are they? Your dog or cat may also have other specific nutritional requirements, or they may just be a bit picky. This is precisely why Monge has created a variety of different recipes within its Natural Superpremium range, each tailored towards very different needs, but all equally delicious thanks to the high-quality ingredients, which include fresh meat (yum). With 50 years’ experience in pet nutrition, this much-loved Italian brand knows exactly how to keep even the fussiest of furry friends in tip-top shape.

After all that’s happened this year, it’s fair to assume wanderlust levels across the planet are currently through the roof. However, one group that’s likely less happy about travelling in 2021 is pet owners. After all, leaving your cat is never fun. So, what if there was a way to reduce your separation anxiety? Well, with Sure Petcare’s range of connected pet devices – which all report back to a handy app on your smartphone – you can now stay in touch with your pet, wherever you are. Control the cat flap or check their whereabouts with the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Connect or monitor when and how much they eat with the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect. Dog owners, meanwhile, can track every bark, scratch and snore with the Animo monitor. And then, finally, you can truly enjoy your next holiday.

Picture the scene. You’ve just returned from your holiday and you’ve gone to collect little Fido. Having never left him in kennels before, you’re slightly anxious – but you needn’t be. Fido runs up to you, bright-eyed and bushy tailed, and shows you a new trick. In fact, he’s spent the last week learning various new obedience skills. The reason? He’s been at Royvon Dog Training School. This dog boarding centre with three UK sites combines the best modern training techniques with award-winning dog hotel-style accommodation, making it the pawfect environment for your dog to learn and relax while you’re away.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a happy dog equals a happy dog owner. And what makes a happy dog? According to Dog’s Lounge, it’s all about what they eat. The British company was founded in 2017 to educate owners about how proper nutrition can help their dogs live happier, healthier lives, and also provide those owners with the means to make this happen. Its range of premium-quality supplements are tailored to a variety of different needs, from improving digestion and aiding hip and joint health to boosting overall wellbeing, but they all offer the same welcome bonus for the owner: improved human happiness.

It’s fair to say that not all doggy hotels are equal. While some are little more than glorified kennels, others are a bit  more luxe, like Merrylegs Pet Hotel. This trusted family business has been looking after pets in Portugal's Algarve for more than 15 years and there’s a reason customers keep coming back. Dogs stay in their own purpose-built apartments – with not a metal bar in sight – and when they’re not chilling there, they might be running in the paddock, enjoying a little pampering with the groomer or even taking a hydrotherapy session. With long- and short-term stays accommodated in addition to day care, it means humans can take a trip safe in the knowledge that their best friend is getting the full Merrylegs experience.

Most dog owners will recognise the situation. You’re out with your little pal, having a wonderful time, and suddenly it's as if a switch is flicked: he just simply won't do anything you ask. It’s at this point you wish you had a dog trainer to hand. Well, with the Dogo app you do! Used by more than three million dog parents globally, Dogo is like a dog trainer in your pocket and offers a variety of personalised programmes that will help you teach them basic skills, improve their obedience or encourage them to be more active. With access to more than 100 tricks, games and training programmes as well as direct, personal feedback from real trainers, you’ll be making real progress in no time. And after the training, you can compare notes with the worldwide Dogo community through the app's social features. Download the app for free today.

The idea of giving supplements to your dog may sound strange at first, but just like humans, animals also benefit from a daily supplement boost. With a 10-10-4 ratio of glucosamine HCl, MSM and chondroitin, BETTALIFE®’s Canine PharmaQuin has been formulated specifically to support joint function, mobility and comfort for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds, and because it’s made with only the highest-grade active ingredients, you can be sure your dog will receive the maximum possible benefit. All BETTALIFE® products are available with a 100 percent money back guarantee, so shop now with the code FLY123 for 25 percent off your first purchase (expires 31/12/21).

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