In partnership with VPN Nederland.

In recent years, internet access has become as much of a travel essential as a passport, credit cards, toothbrush and good walking shoes. But while no-one would travel without those items, not everyone thinks to travel with a VPN. Here’s why you should.

A VPN (virtual private network) is an invaluable tool to ensure your internet access abroad is secure, private and free from restrictions, all achieved by encrypting your connection. What does this mean in practice? Several very cool things.

Firstly, you’re not bound by geographical connection restrictions, so you can still access all your favourite streaming services, websites and social media platforms, wherever in the world you are. Especially useful if you’ve got time to kill at the airport or on a long bus journey.

Secondly, you’ll have enhanced privacy online thanks to your IP address being masked, so websites and advertisers will have a much harder time tracking you – they won’t be too pleased, but it works out pretty well for you.

Thirdly, you’ve got yourself protection against hackers, which is massively reassuring when you’re using all those public wifi networks abroad.

Now we’ve got to grips with the benefits of VPN, you need to decide which one to use. The good news if you’re a Dutch traveller is that VPN Nederland makes an excellent choice. Speedy and secure connections and a strict ‘no-log’ policy are what you’ll be getting with this provider, so that you can continue to access all the Dutch content and Dutch streaming services you know and love.

Another bonus for Dutch speakers is that VPN Nederland also offers 24/7 Dutch customer service, and as the icing on the internet-connection-cake, you’ll only need one single account to protect as many devices as you need.

 So, if you’re looking for unrestricted, secure and private internet access when you’re travelling (and who wouldn’t be?), VPN Nederland should be top of the list for Dutch travellers. Just make sure to remember your credit cards, toothbrush and walking shoes, too. Find out more at