‘Messy travel’ is in. Not just slinging any old crap in a suitcase two hours before your flight, but a post-Millennial railing against the hyper-curated world of posed portraits and Instagram-ready holiday snaps.

Throwing open this new trend is More Corners – a zhuzhy new launch from the folks at Ink (and developed by a crack team of journalists and editors formerly of taste making lifestyle brand Time Out).

The platform’s remit is refreshing, and simple. By way of short-form docs, social video, podcasts and collaborations with influencers, More Corners tells the kind of engaging,  human-first and global stories that Gen Z loves: from profiling a pig who paints abstract expressionism in South Africa, to visiting a corner shop turned grime venue in London, and meeting elf whisperers and volcano enthusiasts in the wilds of Iceland.

From here, More Corners will inspire its audience to further circumvent the humdrum worlds of hotel pools and tourist hotspots in search of more authentic experiences, embracing Gen Z’s love of multiculturalism, sustainability and wellness. It’s a giddily exciting new world – and More Corners presents it in dazzling, technicolour dimensions, on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and wherever you get your podcasts from. 

“More Corners is social-first, video-first and human-first,” says Jonny Ensall, Ink’s editorial director. “It reflects the way that travel is heading, and it brings together the kind of high-quality journalism you’d expect from big publishers like Ink or Time Out, with the content platforms of the future.”

Who wouldn't be thrilled to that?