Picture this holiday scene. It’s late morning and you’re reclining by the swimming pool, the Mediterranean breeze on your face and the sun shining down as you consider a first sip of the cocktail by your side. It sounds like a dream scenario – which it almost is – but there’s just one thing wrong: you’re out of things to read. 

This was the situation that Joel Wikell found himself in while in Cyprus in 2012. Having read all of his magazines several times over and desperate for something new, the Swedish entrepreneur was inspired by the streaming music service he was listening to through his headphones. “What if”, he thought, “something similar existed for magazines?”

The next year, he launched Readly – a clever service that we’re certain will become your new favourite travel companion. Think of it like Spotify for magazines. Once you’ve signed up to a small, monthly subscription, you can access more than 5,000 UK and International titles to read on your phone, tablet or laptop. 

Subscribe to Readly now and take a near-unlimited supply of magazines away with you on your next trip

With a ridiculously wide range of choices – from newspapers to celebrity and lifestyle mags (including OK, Hello! and GQ); sports (FourFourTwo) and health (Women’s Health), to motoring (What Car?), food (Delicious) and gadgets (Stuff) – there really are options for everyone. And because up to five people can use the same account, it means the whole family’s holiday reading is taken care of.

One of the most wonderful aspects of going away is the opportunity to escape our busy lives and catch up on all the things we love most, like spending serious time with our favourite magazines. And with Readly, you can take thousands of them with you, without compromising on any other essentials in your luggage. 

And because you can also download the magazines to read offline – it also takes care of your in-flight entertainment too. Now all you have to do is ensure you get to the airport on time…

£7.99 per month with the first month free.

In partnership with readly.com

Access more than 5,000 UK and International titles to read on your phone, tablet or laptop / Image: 123RF
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