Here at easyJet, we want to reassure our customers that we’ve got you covered when it comes to booking flights and holidays. From our Best Price Guarantee to staggered payments and the flexibility to change plans, you can now tweak your itinerary as and when you need, with ultimate peace of mind – safe in the knowledge that you won’t lose out, no matter what happens. Here are the reasons you should still book with us today:

1. Found the same holiday for less? We’ll beat it
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1. Found the same holiday for less? We’ll beat it

It’s as simple as that – if someone else is selling your holiday for cheaper than us, we’ll credit your easyJet Holidays account with the difference, plus an additional £5 credit per person (excluding infants and free children) to sweeten the deal. You can do it all via our simple Best Price Guarantee form.

2. We’ll refund your holiday even if you just changed your mind

You just need to request it more than 28 days before you depart. There are no fees, and you’ll even get your deposit back as credit on your account – so when you book your next holiday, you’ll have £60 ready and waiting to go. 

3. You can take your time on payments

Now, you can pay for your holiday in instalments up to 28 days before departure. How’s that for flexibility?

4. Changing your holiday plans is easy

You can tweak the details of your holiday yourself, online, up to 14 days before departure with no fees. Or you can call our customer service team, who will help you to do it for a flat fee of £25. Easy. 

Ready to go?

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5. And changing just a flight is even easier

You can now change your flight details up to 14 days before you take off with no fees online, or a one-off £5 via our call centre (plus any difference in the flat flight fare).

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And don’t forget – we’re as Covid-savvy as ever. Every stage of your journey has been designed to be as safe as possible: there’ll be temperature checks and social distancing at the airport; all passengers will have to wear masks throughout; and we may not be able to offer any in-flight services (so do bring your lunch with you). 

When you arrive, your hotel will also have changed some of its services in line with local Covid guidelines – with enhanced hygiene and increased social distancing where appropriate. Read more about our Covid-19 policies here.

Happy holidaying.

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