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Learn Japanese with the help of your very own AI tutor


If 2020 was going to be the year that you finally got around to learning a new language but, well, life just got in the way – don’t fret. Thanks to Kaizen Languages, a free language learning app specialising in Japanese, there's still time to tick off your New Year's resolution. Powered by artificial intelligence, the app features five AI tutors – Mizuki, Satoshi, Miho, Maiko and Takumi – who will ease you through practical conversations, teaching you key phrases while sharing instant feedback on your pronunciation. Learning a new language is all about persistence and practice, which is why Kaizen Languages lets you repeat lessons and conversations so you can study at your own pace. Download for free from the App Store now and discover an intuitive language tool that really speaks for itself.

Turn your writing dream into a reality


There are numerous ways to become a writer: you could move to Paris and wait for inspiration to arrive; you could get a peculiar job in the hope it will provide material for that nascent novel. Or – and here’s the approach we favour – you sign up for a six-week, tutor-led course with the Professional Writing Academy. The UK’s first online writing school teaches budding authors everything they need, from how to develop effective story ideas to ways to beat writer’s block. Working within small groups over six weekly classes, you’ll learn to critique your text and they guarantee that by the end, you’ll have made a solid start on your story.

Classes from £295



For most people, finding your way around a foreign destination when you don't speak the language is still a manageable task (particularly if you can point and smile politely at a map). If you own property abroad or travel frequently for work, however, being able to speak the relevant language can be a real game changer. If this sounds like you then the VICI Language Academy is here to help. With a language academy in Berkshire, VICI specialises in both one-on-one and group coaching, as well as bespoke online learning, in 11 languages, with all classes geared toward your specific goals. Using cutting-edge techniques and a plethora of multimedia resources – from bilingual magazines to high-quality in-house videos – VICI offers recognised accreditation in languages ranging from Spanish and French to Japanese and Mandarin. Why not have a word with VICI today?



Whether it’s mastering a spreadsheet, getting to grips with MS Teams or animating a Powerpoint presentation, Bite Size is confident that it can teach you the skills in the time it takes to make a cup of tea. In this remote working age, such know-how is ever more crucial for employers and employees alike, and the e-learning leader has hundreds of courses in its online library, all available once you’ve signed up. Each comprises of a series of very specific three-minute lessons, and you can either take the whole course from the beginning, or pick and mix the lessons you need from a list that includes Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint, Excel, PowerPoint and Word, to name just a few – ideal for that colleague who still can’t unmute their video calls…

Individual prices start from £5.99 per course with company discounts for multiple learners


What if we told you there was a way to ditch your day job and travel the world, earning a living as you go? You’d probably view the claim with a bit of scepticism. But that’s merely because you’re not thinking positively enough. After an eight-week course at the internationally accredited Pure Coaching Academy, not only will you discover how to change your mindset to achieve this goal, but you will also learn the techniques to help others to do the same. As a fully qualified life coach, you'll be ready to teach skills such as time management and money mindset coaching to your clients. And, best of all, you can do it from wherever it suits – even the beach. 


As the world of health and fitness has expanded beyond the rich and famous, so have the opportunities to become a personal trainer. Getting qualified is now easier than ever with HFE. All you need is a passion for fitness, the desire to help others and an internet-connected device. HFE’s online personal training course gives you everything you need to pass with flying colours including video lectures, bespoke textbooks and unlimited phone and email support.


Ever wondered how to turn your passion for travel into a fulfilling, lucrative career? Wonder no longer. Even if you have zero experience in the cockpit, it takes just two years of study to become a qualified commercial pilot, so why not enrol today with FTA? Choose from either a full-time intensive programme or a modular timetable that fits around your busy schedule, and you'll achieve your new career as a high-flying professional in your own time and at your own pace. With your new career in commercial aviation, the sky really is the limit.


We all know that travel broadens the mind. And while some of us may have a little more time on our hands right now, it can’t hurt to supplement that intellectual wealth with a timely course of in-depth professional training. Thankfully, the University of Bath’s part-time online master’s programmes are presently enrolling new students. Ranked sixth in the UK by the Guardian University Guide 2021, Bath’s online MSc courses can offer you a useful leg-up in the fields of business, finance, digital innovation and data analysis. Because there’s truly never been a better time to skill up.


If Zoom calls and virtual quizzes with your grandparents have got you dreaming of a life on the open road, a qualification in teaching English overseas could help you make it a reality. With The TEFL Academy's online courses, you can be a fully qualified English teacher in just four-to-six weeks from the comfort of your sofa. The academy has trained more than 100,000 teachers who’ve gone on to work in some of the most exciting destinations around the globe, from Barcelona to Kenya to Vietnam. Its Level 5 Online course includes 168 hours of learning with tutors on hand to offer additional support. Plus, the school will even help you find a job when you’re done, with established links to some of the world’s biggest recruiters. So why not enrol today and take turn your dreams of wanderlust into a reality? 

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