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Do you want a healthier, happier, less-stressed you? Are you completely bored of your current fitness regime? Then let us tell you about Kundalini yoga. One of the most transformational of yoga disciplines, it focuses as much on the mind as the body, making it something of an all-round life-changer. At Kundalini Lounge you’ll find the biggest library of know-how about Kundalini anywhere online, with thousands of classes, as well as more than 60 programmes and workshops that you can fit into your busy schedule wherever you are and whenever it suits. And you can even download content to enjoy offline. Start a free seven-day trial today, and tell us that doesn’t beat your Zoom Zumba class…

Sometimes the quickest way to feeling like yourself again is to get a good night’s sleep. However, the persistent stresses of everyday life can turn that seemingly simple task into a bit of a nightmare, which is why it pays to invest in a quality eight hours. Having handcrafted mattresses for nearly a hundred years, Sleepeezee has since become a trusted supplier to high-end clients and five-star hotels, and your home could be next. The British brand has spent the last century perfecting the formula for a good night's sleep by combining innovative designs and traditional techniques to become one of the country's leading mattress makers (a reputation that was cemented when it received a Royal Warrant, first by the Queen in 1963 and then again in 1985 by the Prince of Wales), so you can rest easy this winter knowing you're enjoying a royally five-star kip every night of the week.

The wonder of the Great Wall. The elegance of the Eiffel Tower. The overwhelming size of the Empire State Building. One of the greatest joys of travel comes from the transformative effect that you feel when in the presence of the world’s most impressive tourist sites. But what if you can’t see them properly? That would be awful, wouldn’t it? Fortunately, Feel Good Contacts can ensure you never experience that kind of FOMO again. With contact lenses, big-brand glasses and sunglasses, plus all the eyecare accessories you need, it has everything to help you achieve tip-top vision and healthy eyes, at home and abroad. Oh, and did we mention Feel Good Contacts is never beaten on price? Use code JET10 for a 10 percent discount today (offer expires 31/12/21).

After the 2020 we’ve all endured, who wouldn’t want to escape to an exotic destination to give their physical and mental wellbeing a much-needed boost? While the world waits patiently to get back in the travel saddle, Wellbeing Escapes believes there’s no reason why you can’t still benefit from its expertise in the comfort of your home. Taking place every Saturday morning, Wellbeing at Home is an insightful series of live discussions and interactive classes run by leading professionals from across the wellness industry. Top doctors, nutritionists and health experts cover a range of topics, from nutrition to breathwork to mindfulness, in a bid to help you take control of your health and happiness. What's the best part about it? It's totally free to sign up so you can still enjoy the very best Wellbeing Escapes has to offer while planning an escape of your own for next summer.

What could be more relaxing after a long, stressful trip than lighting up a scented candle and letting your cares simply ebb away? Well, those bright sparks at Imperial Candles have somehow gone one better. Hidden inside the shiny, aromatic wax of their fantastic, entirely ethical candles – they’re all 100% soy, vegan and cruelty-free – you’ll find a surprise gem, worth as much as £2,000. Perfect for a hot date, or a bright idea for a truly dazzling gift this holiday season.

Here’s a question for anyone planning on getting into shape for 2021: have you heard of the 80/20 rule? If not, then we’ve got a little surprise for you. The key to health and fitness is 80 percent nutrition and only 20 percent exercise. That means that while burning those calories in the gym is crucial, so too is monitoring what goes into your body. But what is the best fuel for the results you want? That’s where Fuel Hub comes in. Whether you’re looking to boost performance or keep things lean and low-carb, it has a healthy and delicious plan for you, with chef-prepared meals delivered to your door nationwide every week. And what's more, meals are ready to eat in just three minutes. The plans start from £27.50, but you can enjoy 25 percent off your first two weeks using code FLY25 (expires 31/12/21). 

Let’s take a moment to appreciate our hands. Never off-duty, our humble mitts endure constant wear, endless UV bombardment – and right now circumstances dictate that we’re also washing them relentlessly. How about we give them a break? Premium CBD company OTO has concocted the perfect remedy with its Ritual CBD Hand Balm. A healthy dollop of the good stuff, with shea butter, olive fruit oil and aloe leaf juice, it will get your palms back to their soft, springy best. We reckon that deserves a big hand.

The human mind is an incredible thing. It can help us achieve feats we didn’t believe possible or to overcome seemingly insurmountable problems – just ask Elaine Hodgins. As one of the UK’s leading clinical hypnotists, she’s helped patients lose weight, beat severe travel anxiety and boost their confidence. It’s not just adults who can benefit from Hodgins’ techniques, honed over nearly two decades. Hypnosis is also effective – and safe – on children as young as three, and Focus Hypnotherapy is proud of its track record in tackling everything from toilet problems to eating disorders and even ADHD. Social distancing isn’t a problem either, as sessions are conducted on Zoom – for added peace of mind.