Vienna and Mozart go hand in hand. The 18th-century composer spent his best and most productive years in the waltzing Austrian capital, which for centuries has been considered a world centre of classical music. Today his legacy endures, and the city has several monuments and museums paying tribute to the prodigal genius. Here’s where to find Mozart in Vienna. 

His monument 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) is widely considered to be among the greatest composers of all time, so of course the music-loving Viennese have erected a statue in his honour.  It's a handsome marble rendition of the gifted young ivory tickler,  standing atop an elegant plinth in the leafy  Burggarten. The bed of flowers beneath is set out in the adorably musical arrangement of a treble clef symbol. Find it at 1  Josefsplatz.

His home 
© Mozarthaus Vienna / David Peters

His home 

Young Wolfgang actually moved house rather a lot. However only one of his digs, so-called ‘Mozarthaus’ – though it quite obviously wasn’t named that at the time – still stands and is now a museum dedicated to its most famous inhabitant.   

His big break 

In 1762, everyone’s favourite prodigal periwig enthusiast wowed Emperor Franz Stephen and Empress Maria at the Schönbrunn Palace with a stellar performance aged six – after which he jumped adorably into her majesty’s lap, delighting the monarch.  

His grave 
Mozart is memorialised at St Marx Cemetery / Image: Schaub-Walzer, PID

His grave 

Mozart was not, as popular legend attests, buried anonymously in a tragic mass pauper’s grave. Still, nobody’s entirely sure of the precise location of his remains. A monument stands roughly where most respectable Viennese scholars reckon he was interred, at St Marx Cemetery. Find it at 6 Leberstrasse.

His hangout  

Miraculously still-thriving Café Frauenhuber is said to be Vienna’s oldest coffee house. Better still, in his young-adult pomp Mozart is known to have performed here many times, including his very last public gig before sadly perishing at the ripe age of 35.   


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