Thanks to the New Danube and its various islands, there’s all sorts of splendid swimming to be had all over Vienna and nearby. Here’s where to get your aquatic alfresco fix.


The grassy banks of the Strombucht sunbathing lawn / Image © PID / Christian Fürthner

With a small rocky beach and 6,000 square metres of sunbathing lawn, the Strombucht peninsula is the perfect place for soaking up some rays on summer days. If you fancy a dip during the transitional months, though, you won't freeze, as the water is warm – relatively warm, that is. It was formerly used as a private sports club lido, but happily it opened to the public in 2016. 

10 Dampfschiffhaufen
Metro: Donaustadtbrücke



This island in the New Danube has plenty of swimming spots and is particularly beloved by nudists. There are a few clearly marked ‘FKK’ (clothing-free) zones on Donauinsel (or 'Danube Island'), meaning that free spirits can strip off for a line-free tan – in fact, it's actually home to one of the largest nudist beaches in Austria. Look out for signs that say 'FKK' or 'freikörperkultur' to make sure you're shedding your kit in the right area. 

Metro: Neue Donau and Donaustadtbrücke



You can get active at Heustadlwasser with swimming, boating and hiking / Image: Alamy

Fancy a natural dip close to the city centre? Try Heustadlwasser, a refreshing stretch of pristine water that can measure up to eight-metres-deep at times, and forms an L-shape around the Green Prater park. If you get bored of swimming, you can rent pedal boats (for up to six people) from a shop on Stadionallee or wander off to explore one of the surrounding hiking trails.

Ober dem Heustadlwasser
Metro: Wien Hütteldorf 

Strombad Kritzendorf

Often dubbed the Riviera on the Danube, this legendary beach becomes a lively scene come weekends. When it opened as a holiday area and bathing facility, it was one of the first open-air baths in Austria and grew extremely popular in the early and mid-20th century. The holiday area element is no longer in operation, and the banks and water are today open to all. 

Strombad Rondeau 30, Klosterneuburg
Station: Klosterneuburg Weidling Bahnhof


The Family Beach on Danube Island / Image: Alamy

This beach on the left bank of the New Danube is called Familienbadestrand – 'Family Beach' – thanks to its clean, shallow waters that don't get deeper than around one metre, and gradually slope into the river, making it ideal for young children. Sliced off from the mighty main river by Danube Island, it's a safe and pleasant spot for a dip.

Arbeiterstrandbadstraße 7
Metro: Neue Donau

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