As the gateway to the blue waters and picture-perfect beaches of Turkey's Turquoise Coast – and with a history stretching back to 200BC – Antalya is particularly well stocked when it comes to riveting sights. Top of the list, though, are the magnificent waterfalls that surround it. Here are three of the most impressive.

Düden Waterfalls

Don’t let the fact that the water for this beautiful two-stage cascade originates in a man-made recycling plant put you off. It's a gorgeous plummet and one of Turkey’s most famous waterfalls.

Kurşunlu Waterfalls near Topalli / Image: Getty

Kurşunlu Waterfalls

Set in a national park near Topalli, these broad falls twinkle azure blue and offer several spots to have a chilled picnic. Just time your visit right – they reduce to a trickle in summer months.

Antalya's 50m-high Uçansu Falls are off the beaten track / Image: Getty

Uçansu Falls

Off the beaten track, these falls hidden in the mountains near Kozan are not for the faint-hearted. But be brave and your reward is a 50m cascade you can swim at the foot of.