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We all need a bit of me time. Sometimes it's great to jet off and find R & R on foreign shores; other times, we just want to cosy in and find a some peace at home. From the app that promises a calmer mind to the candles that'll transport you to a silent Swedish forest, we've got the most innovative ideas for better wellbeing in mind and body.

1. The energy-boosting multivitamin

Centrum Women has a high-quality micronutrient formula

Many of us turn to multivitamins these days to support our nutrition. But rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, it makes sense to choose something more suited to your individual requirements – which is where Centrum Women comes in. Its tailored formula is specifically made for women's nutritional needs, and contains calcium, iron and folic acid, among other ingredients. They can help you de-stress, stay energised and maintain immune system – who couldn't use a bit of help there?

2. The revolutionary mindfulness app

Calm offers guided meditation sessions and mindfulness tools

In these non-stop times, it's more important than ever to take meaningful time to ourselves. But that's not always easy, and where do you even start? Meet Calm, which is basically a personal meditation and mindfulness teacher that's always on hand. Its guided meditation sessions and mindfulness tools can help you sleep better, feel less stressed and relax more. And, breathe… 

3. The holistic healing resort

Sianji Wellbeing Resort in Turkey is a haven of healthiness

A refreshing morning yoga session as the waves of the Mediterranean crashing gently behind you and palm trees sway in the breeze… sounds pretty good, right? More and more people are choosing to combine a holiday with wellness these days, and Sianji Wellbeing Resort in Turkey is holistic heaven. With a suite of relaxing spas, daily yoga and pilates classes and a range of therapy treatments, you'll feel a million dollars by the time you leave.