Santorini’s soaring cliffs, sugar-cube houses and dramatic landscape – the result of an earthquake in 1600 BC – make it one of Greece’s most photographed islands. And rightly so; this Cyclades hotspot has classic good looks. The money shot? Santorini at sunset. Here’s where you can catch that pinky-orange glow. 

Oia is one of Santorini's prettiest villages / Image: Adobe Stock

 Stroll the alleyways of Oia  

You’ve seen the pics on Instagram and now it’s time to upload yours – no filter required. Located on the northern tip of the island, Oia is pretty as a picture: white buildings jumbled together. Sun setting in the distance. You know the score.

Sip wine at Santo winery  

It’s a win-win situation at Santo winery, where mega views come with a side serving of local wine. Take a tour of the vineyards, where you’ll learn about the region’s famous assýrtiko  grape, try a few varieties, then grab a seat on the terrace and share a bottle of your favourite.

Remote Akrotiri lighthouse / Image: Adobe Stock

Find serenity at the Akrotiri Lighthouse  

Skip the crowds and do as the locals do – watch the sun set from this remote lighthouse in Akrotiri on the south-west of the island. Teetering on a cliff above the sea it’s one of the oldest lighthouses in Greece, dating back to 1892.

Pretend you're a yachting pro for the day / Image: Getty

Cast off with Santorini Sailing 

Feel the wind in your hair and act like a playboy millionaire – for a day at least – on a five-hour sailing jaunt with Captain Ted at Santorini Sailing. Dive into empty bays for a spot of swimming, gaze at the lighthouse from afar and quaff champers as the sun sets. 

Dine at the  Ammoudi  Fish Tavern 

For food as good as the views, try this little hotspot, hovering above the water at the base of  Oia  village. Book an outside table and tuck into just-caught grub – grilled octopus and seafood pasta are a highlight, as is the Greek salad, topped with a huge slab of creamy feta.