Dead phones, busted luggage, aching joints, inexplicable bank charges... it's almost like your average holiday was designed to enrage rather than restore. But tension can be alleviated with a bit of canny shopping. We've brought together a host of the world's finest travel gadgets and accessories, designed to make you say 'Ahhhh', rather than 'Arghhhhh'.

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So you're always fully-charged: Anker Power Core 20100

This sleek Anker power-pack is a travel game-changer / Image: Anker
Brought to you by Anker

Nothing, but nothing, can ruin a holiday quicker than a dead phone or tablet: at best leaving you halfway through an enthralling e-book mid-flight, at worst stranded in a questionable part of town as the sun-sets, your Uber rendered terrifyingly unavailable. But such scares are a thing of the past with the sleek, lightweight Anker Power Core 20100 – a long-lasting power-pack that can charge an iPhone nine times and see your average traveller go a full week without needing to find a mains plug. 

£29.99, from Anker 

To sleep easy as you go: Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Ciao for now, cricked necks / Image: Cabeau
Brought to you by Cabeau

We've all had it: the post-flight cricked neck that comes with air travel's terrible excuse for sleep, your head lolling from side-to-side like a newborn's. What you need is the Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow. A ludicrously comfortable, wraparound neck brace of a sleep aid, it molds to the countours of your head, providing a robust cloud in which to slumber (and even features a handy phone pocket for all your soporific podcast needs). 

£31, from Cabeau 

To keep your money safe: Monzo Personal card

Monzo makes spending abroad totally stress-free / Image: Monzo
Brought to you by Monzo 

Fintech bank accounts – that is, accounts linked to and directly controlled via a phone app – have a been a game-changer for travellers, and none more so than Monzo's. The trademark coral-coloured card affords easy transactions around the globe: it's set to Mastercard exchange rates; can switch between chip and magstripe for finicky ATMs; and can be 'frozen' with the press of a button if you lose (and then inevitably find) it.  

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