Where did summer go, eh? But with the shortening of days, it's time to start looking forward to those magical first moments of taking a gulp of chilly, high-altitude air and throwing oneself down a snow-covered slope. That's right: it's almost ski and snowboard season, which means it's also time to start stocking up on the coolest kit and accessories 2020 has to offer.  

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1. For capturing those killer descents: GoPro Fusion 360

1. For capturing those killer descents: GoPro Fusion 360
Capture your hairiest routes in super HD quality / Image: GoPro
Brought to you by Absolute Snow

What's the point of launching yourself down a bitchin' black run if you can't smugly replay every hair-raising second in HD glory at the apres ski? Enter the GoPro Fusion 360: a dinky, high-performance camera that can record all-around footage for the most comprehensive account of your runs yet (and even let you watch them back in eye-popping virtual reality). It's fast-charging, reacts to voice commands and records simultaneous high-def audio (so no screaming, ok?).

£498.36, from absolute-snow.co.uk

2. Look cool, stay warm: Protest Apollo Ski jacket

2. Look cool, stay warm: Protest Apollo Ski jacket
Take your green credentials to the mountains with the Protest Apollo jacket / Image: Protest
Brought to you by Protest

Both skiing and snowboarding are sartorial sports as much as, y'know, skilled ones. After all, what's the point of whipping through moguls without breaking a sweat if you don't look good doing it? Protest, a snowsports clothing brand founded in notoriously mountainous Holland, has you covered. Top of the pile this year is their modishly muted Apollo jacket. It's as handsome as it is green: PFC free and constructed in sustainable 100% recycled polyester, it also boasts 10g breathability and 10k water resistance for a truly temperate day on the piste. 

£179.99, from protest.eu

3. For when disaster strikes: Slope Angel Halo

3. For when disaster strikes: Slope Angel Halo
This diminutive kit might just save your life / Image: Slope Angel
Brought to you by Slope Angel

Mountains are inherently risky places to hang out, especially if you're an off-piste enthusiast – and avalanches are one of the greatest threats to intrepid skiers and snowboarders. You should already have a transceiver and shovel, but the Slope Angel Halo is an extra essential piece of kit. It's a multi-function tool that can safety-check your transceiver, while also supplying important data like slope angles (integral to understanding the likelihood of avalanches), temperature and altitude. It's designed to withstand harsh conditions and can be handily attached to a ski pole or clothing. 

£49, from Slope Angel