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Top 5 Ways To Celebrate Being Single

Did you know 15 February is Singles Awareness Day? Rejoice in your singledom and escape all the Valentine's mush with one of these fun activities

Featured February 13
Top 5 Ways To Celebrate Being Single

Make new friends

In Estonia, Valentine's Day is known as Friend's Day. Head to Tallinn and join a pub crawl to explore the best night spots and hopefully make new mates.

Open your heart

Pour your feelings out on a one- or two-week writing holiday in a Tuscan mill a couple of hours from Pisa with a small group of fellow creatives.

Have some 'you time'

Find yourself as you embrace the simple life at luxury yoga retreat. Try Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech

Face your fears

Don't hold out for a hero. Be your own and ape James Bond's Goldeneye bungy jump from Point Verzasca Dam at Ticino, Switzerland (fly to Milan).

Shake it like Beyoncé

Get bootylicious at a Single Ladies Beyoncé celebration party dance class in Bristol, Liverpool or Manchester.

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