Born Again in Gran Canaria

At the Spa Corallium, a new signature treatment takes clients back to the womb

Featured May 11 Words by Matthew Hirtes
Born Again in Gran Canaria


At the "Womb Room" in Spa Corallium in the four-star Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort, you go in as you once came out: through the cervix. "Everything has been designed to resemble the uterus," explains the spa's manager, Aranzazu Ojeda. "We're trying to recreate the ambience and tranquillity of being in the womb."

That explains the pinkish hue of the interior, the claret-coloured mattresses, the low-level lighting and chilled-out music. But not the 12 waterbeds - they're probably more to do with the fact that this sleep-inducing chamber also goes by the celestial name of the Zodiac Relax Room, with each bed corresponding to a different star sign.

I enter cautiously, so as not to disturb my fellow returning foetuses, though, if their closed eyes and deep breathing are anything to go by, it looks like they have already succumbed entirely to the experience. It's a fascinating concept: regression without the psychiatrist's couch; rebirthing without all the blood and guts.

I didn't find it easy to go under and cursed the fact that I'd enjoyed a lie-in that morning, but eventually the soothing music and subdued light started to work their spell and I was transported to the land of sleep. That is, until a loud snore woke me - and everyone else. I'm still not sure that it wasn't inserted into the soundtrack to ensure visitors don't exceed the recommended 15-minute limit.

Reluctantly reclaiming my towel, gown and sandals, I shuffled out. No wonder some babies have to be induced to leave this warm, comforting state. Happily, the Corallium doesn't stop at the Womb Room. It has re-imagined the spa as a theme park, including an African sauna, an ice world and igloo, complete with snow showers. A trip here is invigorating, relaxing and unique. Himalayan salt cave, here I come. 

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