Glow Golfing in Berlin

Underground mini-golf is the latest covert craze to hit the German capital

Featured December 10
Glow Golfing in Berlin


From out-of-the-way bars that look like empty basements to hush-hush restaurants with top-secret menus, Berlin is a city that likes to keep things out of sight. So it's no surprise that the latest attraction to hit town - glow-in- the-dark mini golf - has been an underground hit. Literally.

Located underneath Café Isa Mitz in Kreuzberg's Görlitzer Park, this mini-golf course is on the former site of Görlitzer Station, which connected East and West when the Berlin Wall was still intact. Launching with little publicity and almost no signposting or advertising, Schwarzlicht Minigolf Berlin has quickly become one of the city's favourite word-of-mouth successes, a glow-in-the-dark world of UV lights and surreal designs where even the balls shine out of the blackness.

The course is divided into five different rooms, each with its own fantastical feel. The first room has an outdoor countryside theme (complete with giant toadstools, luminous bears and multicoloured snails) and the player progresses towards the final room - an underwater fairyland populated by glowing manatees and fluorescent dolphins.

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