Blavis restaurant

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Blavis restaurant


A cosmopolitan city packed with chefs, Barcelona's cuisine can have a distinct air of one-upmanship. So it makes a refreshing change that Blavis, a small, local restaurant with space for only 14 diners, is causing such a stir.

Run by young couple Sonia Devesa and Marc Casademunt, Blavis has built its reputation on the personal touch. Sonia attends to Blavis' six cosy tables and Marc mans the kitchen, visiting the market daily and picking out fresh seasonal produce to create his three-course Mediterranean lunch menu. Blavis is also open on Thursday and Friday evenings, but it's the lunches (served from 1pm to 4pm weekdays) that have the city's foodies buzzing.

Take a deep breath and order the carpaccio of pigs' feet served with Parmesan and dried fruit, the cold almond and garlic soup, or "Grandma's" lentil stew with sausage. Mains include dishes such as salmon stuffed with brie, served with roasted sweet peppers, or rustic chicken soup with potatoes and mushrooms. And for dessert? You won't be disappointed with a slice of homemade Santiago pie - a delicious Galician almond torta.

Come Thursday and Friday evenings, Blavis stays true to its Cátalan roots and serves up tapas that have diners queuing right around the corner. 85 Calle Saragossa, tel: +34 935 182 005

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