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From the magazine this month:

Most people who've been to Iceland will have heard of Hákarl. One of Iceland’s national dishes, it consists of locally caught shark that’s been buried to ferment in the ground for three months before being served up on a plate, normally accompanied by a local spirit called Brennivín. The dish was invented by iceland’s Viking settlers more than 1000 years ago and is still popular – particularly at this time of year. Fortunately for less intrpid eaters, Icelandic cuisine has moved on a great deal, as our cover story this month reveals. We sent Ollie Dabbous, chef patron of London’s Michelin-starred Dabbous restaurant, there on a gastronomic adventure that reveals a 21st-century foodie nation with its traditional roots very much intact. It's truly a viking odyssey, which I know you'll enjoy. 

Simon Kurs, Editor


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