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easyJet Traveller

From the magazine this month:

Ibiza has never solely been the young clubber’s mecca that people make out, but as we discovered in this month's cover story, today, more so than ever, it’s appealing to grown-ups of all stripes with its outdoor pursuits, fabulous hotels and growing restaurant scene. Elsewhere, we’re celebrating the great British seaside and, in particular, its connection to great British music. Those rickety piers, shingled beaches and crumbling Victorian façades have inspired many amazing bands over the years - in part, surely, thanks to the nostalgia they invoke. That’s not something that can be said about the Apple Watch. The new gizmo is part of a growing armoury of gadgets that could revolutionise the way we travel. You can read all about these techie tools as we test them out. Enjoy.

Simon Kurs, Editor

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