easyJet Traveller

From the magazine this month:

I hope you don’t mind us asking but… would you like to dance? And if so, where? How about on a boat in Paris? Or a tram in Krakow? Maybe in a zoo in Edinburgh, a shipping container in Lisbon, or a skate park in Amsterdam? All options are available to you, as we look at how Europe likes to party now, in 2017, when bingo is cool again and it’s easy to mistake a speakeasy-style bar for an actual high street laundrette. The thing is, as travellers, we’re hungrier for new experiences than ever before, hence all the innovative ways people have found to have fun this festive period, from fireworks to flaming shots of absinthe. Sometimes, however, the perfect night out is the perfect night in – specifically, in a wooden hut in the Swiss Alps, with a big plate of cheesy potatoes, and an even bigger glass of whisky. The point being, you can make your own rules this party season. Speaking of which, we’re off to have our Christmas do in a rave cave on Menorca's south coast. Bring on the mulled sangria!


Jonny Ensall, Editor