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easyJet Traveller

From the magazine this month:

Our cover story this month is a welcome piece of good news, the likes of which have been too few and far between in the Greek capital over the past six years. We're in Athens to meet the new wave of entrepreneurs who are bringing a real buzz back to the city, showing a place that is not only on the mend, but positively brimming with new ideas. Elsewhere, we’ve got the lowdown on why Copenhagen is the world’s best-dressed city right now, not to mention the inspiration for this season’s big catwalk looks, and we’ve travelled to Sicily to follow in the footsteps of Italy’s most famous TV detective, Inspector Montalbano. Fictional crime scenes aside, it provided a great excuse to eat some amazing food and soak up some of Europe’s most stunning island scenery. Not a bad gig, we hope you agree. Enjoy the issue and see you next month.