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From the magazine this month:

IF THERE'S A more brilliantly still-unearthed gem on the planet than Montenegro, we’re yet to find it. This new easyJet destination is a land of beautiful sea vistas, sweeping hillsides and medieval villages that stirs the soul in a way many destinations simply can’t. Right now, progress is arriving in the form of top hotels and a swanky superyacht marina, but it’s this balance between old and new that’s so beguiling, as you can read in this month’s cover story. Elsewhere, we’re in Guildford. It may look like an unremarkable English town, but this London satellite may well be the closest thing the video gaming industry has to a Hollywood of its own, with almost 20 world-calibre studios operating from there – as you can discover in our report. Enjoy the flight and see you next month.

Simon Kurs, Editor