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From the magazine this month:

One is not the loneliest number. Like arriving at a singles night or trying to put up a shelf, there are some things it’s scary to attempt solo. Until recently, travel’s been on that list. Will you be safe on your own? Who will you talk to? Will you be lonely?


Well, frankly mum, no I won’t be. Not in 2018 anyway, when a boom in solo travel is being fuelled partly by tech (making it easier to find people like you wherever you are in the world) and partly by the mindfulness revolution, which teaches us the value of spending more time with our thoughts.


I learned, on a slow trip through Italy in my early twenties, that there are real advantages to being a Guglielmo-no-mates. Spend enough time wandering into intriguing bars, making yourself understood in jagged Italian and munching panini on park benches with a good book and you learn the value not only of solitude, but of companionship when it comes along. Though, really, the person you’re making firmest friends with is yourself.


For this issue, we sent three writers on solo journeys of discovery. Read about their trips, try one yourself as soon as possible, then tell your mum all about it afterwards…


Jonny Ensall, Editor


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