easyJet Traveller

From the magazine this month:

Yes, I am an idiot… …or, at least, I’m the sort of person who needs an idiot’s guide to skiing. On my first ever trip to the slopes, I slid around like a cartoon deer on a frozen lake and wiped out a kindergarten’s worth of ski kids. If only I’d been party to the advice in this issue, I’d have had a much better time.

Skiing combines the pure joy of wilderness adventure with the still purer joy of fondue laced with kirsch, but there are also plenty of other ways to get your rocks off in this issue, from semi-naked Serbian statuettes (in Lorenzo & Kakalamba) to obscenely good-looking Parisian cakes (at Le Dalí restaurant). If you need a break, just jump on a flight to Essaouira, Morocco, where you can enjoy the gimmick-free pleasures of ecolodge living. With added chameleons.

So, this year, why not strap on a pair (of skis or whatever you prefer) and pursue your dreams: master that slope; eat that cake; meet that Moroccan lizard. And above all, make yourself stupidly happy.


Jonny Ensall, Editor


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