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From the magazine this month:

I hope you’ve got some eating pants. You know the ones, with the especially loose elastic, because this issue we’re showing you where in Europe you can find the most deliciously moreish street eats. Compiled by top chefs, food writers, bloggers and street-food experts, our ultimate list covers everything from Roman tripe sandwiches to authentic Mexican tacos (served in Copenhagen). Think of it as your food to-do list for spring.

These aren’t just suggestions for when the sun is shining, however. Street food’s come of age in 2018 and there are plenty of brand-new markets, set up on a permanent basis, where you can eat undercover. The street food revolution is no longer an upstart idea beloved of hipsters who love big flavours and low prices, and who didn’t mind the cold. It has come full circle and grab-and-go food is more civilised than ever.

On the other hand, it’s up to you how civilised you choose to be when stuffing your grinning face with Portuguese sushi, Swedish hot dogs, Dutch stroopwafels and much more besides (see, I said you’d need those pants). Remember, a little bit of mess never hurt anyone…

Jonny Ensall, Editor


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