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From the magazine this month:

France’s most popular tourist attraction is not The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre or Versailles but one that pays homage to a mouse with oversized ears. DisneyLand Paris has outflanked all of France’s iconic monuments in terms of visitors and its 25th birthday year is set to be marked by a big new arrival – just one of many reasons why 2017 is looking good for all things Gallic. You can read all about it in our bumper cover story – a veritable Franc-o-file.

Elsewhere, Ibiza is fast becoming a mecca for fitness enthusiasts who prefer to watch the sun come up with wheatgrass shots, rather than something stronger. And Asturias in Spain is finally stepping out of the shadows of its foodie neighbours to claim its rightful place as one of the very best places to eat, not just in España, but worldwide.

I hope it inspires you and I’ll see you next month.

Simon Kurs, Editor


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