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From the magazine this month:

The big secret when it comes to planning a family trip? It’s just as important to keeps mums and dads happy as it is the little ones. So we hit gold when we sent a family of four to sail between the Ionian Islands on a beautiful yacht (more affordable than you might think), complete with mini-speedboat, paddle boards, snorkelling and fishing gear. And this issue is packed with loads more brilliant family holiday suggestions - from beach volleyball in Split to villa vibes in Barcelona.

Elsewhere, we’re making a pilgrimage of another kind. It’s 40 years since the Sex Pistols kick-started one
of history’s most iconic youth-culture movements and we explore what - beyond the swearing and safety pins - is the legacy of punk. Finally, to the new wave of high-end, low-cost dining experiences causing a storm across Europe from Noma’s taco stand in Copenhagen to dosas at London’s Hoppers, created by Michelin-starred Gymkhana founders. Enjoy the flight and see you next month.