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From the magazine this month:

Did you know that a Somerset producer grows palm trees of such quality that the Middle East is snapping them up? That Europe’s largest protected night sky is in Northumberland? Or that the world’s highest trampoline is in Yorkshire? These are just a few of the things we’re excited about in England this summer, as our cover story attests. And it turns out that it’s not hard to be excited about England right now – what with director Guy Ritchie bringing King Arthur back to our big screens and the seaside becoming cool faster than you can say ‘Kentrification’.

We’ve managed to get excited about a few other things, too. Like Jay Z, who was so offended by comments made by the MD of Cristal Champagne about rappers drinking his product that he decided to buy his own brand and embark on a quest to make the world’s best Champagne – served in gold bottles, naturally.

Speaking of excess, did we mention that English afternoon tea has had an anarchic makeover? Now that’s exciting.

The easyJet Traveller team


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