easyJet Traveller

From the magazine this month:

Why not give a tree a hug? Go on, get your arms around its trunk and give it a squeeze. Feel its leafy touch; its barky embrace. There – that wasn't so bad, was it? Barely any splinters at all…

We're feeling the love for all sorts of European getaways this issue, but those involving forests especially, which are frosty, fairytale places at this time of year. Find out what happened when we sent our intrepid writer into the bear-filled wilderness outside Tallinn. Did he get out alive? (Spoiler: he did, yep.)

There are some cuter, if more elusive, critters hiding in these pages as well. Check out the whiskery catfish in Gran Canaria's new aquarium, Poema del Mar, and read up on the Wolpertinger (a creature of European folklore that is a mongrel mix of rabbit, deer, fox and, er, duck).

For the mushy stuff, we’re suggesting some loved-up city breaks, and encouraging travellers to write their true feelings on the backs of our sick bags. So, whether you’re a sappy romantic, or a queasy lover, there's a way to say how you feel this Valentine's day.


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