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From the magazine this month:

Gelato is better than ice cream. There, I’ve said it. For those who disagree, I challenge you to go to the international finals at the Gelato Festival in Florence this month and see whether your convictions stand up to several scoops of the richest, creamiest stuff you’ve ever tasted. In fact, in this issue, there are plenty of top-notch suggestions, because we’re celebrating what we do singularly well on this continent. One of our writers goes on a quest to find the perfect gelato, but you’ll also find the crème de la crème of custard tarts and the best balsamic vinegars. We also take you on a trip across Corsica by rail that takes in some of Gustav Eiffel’s (other) greatest engineering feats. When it comes to innovation, great Europeans are like great gelato – often licked, but never beaten.